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Degea join Real Madrid seems a foregone conclusion wholesale soccer jerseys, "The Sun" revealed his claim must be clean Casillas of Real Madrid, signed or not, because he did not want to fight in the dressing room heavyweights.
As Real Madrid players currently playing the longest time, cheap soccer jerseys as well as the World Cup and European Cup, Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas in the locker room kept their promises, Degea newcomers to worry, he is not Casey's opponents, which he joined before The only concern cheap authentic jerseys.
Degea do not want to fight in the Casey because he feared the former Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego - Lopez tragedy on him again. It is reported that Casey has been accused let Lopez at Real Madrid struggled to live, such as living in "hell." Degea join Real Madrid this idea, cheap soccer jerseys online but if they must be cleaned Casey.

Real Madrid news that the English Premier League Tottenham and Arsenal are interested in for Casey, buy soccer jerseys but Tottenham executives denied this. "Sun," said the Real Madrid cleaning Casey unless otherwise Degea may stay at Manchester United completion of their final year of his contract. Manchester United have offered him a weekly £ 250,000 four-year contract, but he refused to renew, on the other Real Madrid have expressed cheap replica jerseys.

TVE television reported a few days ago, Real Madrid or solution 约卡西, but denied his team, Casey's father wanted his son to retire at the Bernabeu: "He should not leave, he came to Real Madrid for 25 years cheap jerseys china, I hope he can at the Bernabeu retired. "
Vidal accident is a hot topic during the America's Cup, although Chile's core is not right, but according to the "Daily Mail" broke the news, Vidal had threatened the police.
On the way drive to the national team training camp, Vidal Ferrari luxury car with a Chevrolet car rear-end accident, although he is not right, cheap jerseys for sale accompanied by his wife, but also dislocated elbow, but Chile midfielder was suspected of drunk driving, This allows him to accept the police inquiry. At the same time, the police also carried out blood tests on Vidal showed that Vidal of the alcohol exceeds 0.08%. According to Chilean law, Juventus midfielder may face a 61-301 days in jail, cheap jerseys free shipping but be required to pay a fine of 164-820 dollars. If this is the first time drunk driving, driver's license will be revoked for 2 years, and if the second, driving license will be revoked for 5 years, then the third, Vidal will face a life ban driving cheap jerseys from china.
According to "Italian football" message, Vidal driver's license will be revoked 120 days, and at a news conference cheap jerseys from china free shipping, he admitted to drinking and driving, "I drank two glasses of wine at the casino, then I chose to drive adventure, my wife and the lives of others as a trifling matter. I would like to team-mates, cheap jerseys online coaching staff and apologize to the people of all Chile, responsibility for this accident at me. I let everyone down, and I will do everything in the game, then help Chile He won the America's Cup. "

Despite Vidal apologized, but according to including the "Daily Mail", cheap soccer jersey including many media reports, Vidal drunk driving after police had threatened, "You're finished! You can arrest me, but you will be whole Chile as the enemy cheap soccer jerseys. "In this case obviously will Vidal into even greater controversy.

America's Cup start two, Vidal played well, scoring 3 goals, 1 assists, if the drunk driving incident affect his state, to host the America's Cup prospects are worrying.
In the America's Cup Group B second round group match cheap soccer jerseys from china, Argentina defeated enemies Uruguay 1-0, qualifying the situation is excellent. But after the game, Argentina coach Martino was pointed out that the team did over the whole 90 minutes in good condition, which is Argentina's need to improve the place, cheap soccer jerseys online but also because I Martino was suspended for a red card.
Martino first said, "I saw the first round of the Paraguay game and similar games. We controlled the first 70 minutes the ball, creating a lot of opportunities, cheap soccer shirts torn from the wing and lead the defense of Uruguay. But the final stage of our passing was no longer smooth, and thus giving the opponent the opportunity. If we can not control the game, buy cheap jerseys from china then it might hurt, the fact is that Argentina has not been able to keep their 90 minutes in the game rhythm, we still need to improve. "

Argentina in the first round group stage after a 2-0 tie with two goals in Paraguay buy cheap jerseys online, substitutions fans bombarded by the media. And the game Uruguay there have break opportunity, once missed an empty net Roland opportunity, and another one in the case of Romero's line of sight is blocked saved each other long-range quick to respond. Martino admitted that "if it is not that Romero saved a ball, you certainly have to talk about my substitutions Romero in the World Cup last year, performed very well, and now he was in the next exciting experience America cup. "
Martino also said, "Pastore played a very good game, compared to the first round against Paraguay, he had more ball game, performance is more sustainable, Argentina has a lot of good players. Although our chances to score the game much like the first round, but after Aguero goal to break the deadlock, we are at least two great opportunities to expand the score, may not be able to take it. If you just rely on lucky to win, then it is difficult to sustain for a long time, we must maintain our style of football, I still want to coach Argentina national team for three years and a half. "Martino become Argentina coach last summer, was signed four years, it seems that he wants to remain in office at least until the contract expires.

Martino in the game the first 32 minutes was the referee sent off the stands buy soccer jerseys online, he said, "because I was entering the stadium and sent off." America's Cup official has announced that Martino will therefore be suspended for one game This means that he can not field command final round group match Argentina Jamaica, but the next knockout unaffected.