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Nuggets coach Karl Malone for the presentation press conference was held, at the press conference, Malone said the team's style cheap nba jerseys of play will speed up, he hopes the team can dislodge boom.

In fact, this is the idea of ​​the Nuggets top, so the players are happy to play, Malone said that playing fast is conditional, that is to be effective, the other is to do all the details, such as rebounding, playing wholesale nba jerseys the defense, Before you can play fast attack in return.

"Do you first define me, do I advance a hole, and then say, 'This is you,' 'Malone said that he had coached the Kings, made 39 wins and 67 losses record," cheap authentic nba jerseys My main concern is to play a the advantages possessed lineup According lineup director to play. "

"All the players say they want to play fast-paced offense, but they are willing to allow themselves to be an excellent run and nba jerseys china gun team? Is that you can not stop it ran 48 minutes? Many players did not do a good job given All preparations commitments. This is what I look forward to working with them on the one hand, and to them for things, so that we can become an efficient team run and gun. "

In fact, Malone studied the 2008-09 season, the Nuggets, nba jerseys cheap when the Nuggets played very offensive on efficiency, that season they reached the Western Conference finals, then lost to the Lakers. Nuggets coach Karl was, he put the team's offensive rhythm tone very place, and the defense is good, this is Malone expected.

In the 2012-13 season, cheap nba jerseys from china the Nuggets won a franchise best 57 games in the playoffs is the third seed, but they are in the first round by a long shot on the run and gun master Curry led the Warriors, eventually upset It is eliminated. It is worth mentioning that, when Malone was an assistant warrior.

"Today's NBA game is becoming faster and faster, which is a rhythm game," Malone said. "The sport is becoming a three-point shooting contest ...... cheap nba jerseys australia my work is very simple, it is the players into a a position to be successful. "

Years later, when people talk about the summer 2015 finals, memorable data may not be James's metamorphosis, not Curry cheap nba basketball jerseys metamorphosis third, but the two sides coach substitutions.

Fourth finals, the Warriors coach Steve - Cole small forward Andre Iguodala with center Andrew Bogut replace starter. You know, Andrew Bogut, but has been cheap authentic nba jerseys considered the key player in the regular season before the top of the Warriors defensive efficiency irreplaceable defensive axis, the finals by experts looking on! Finals fifth, Cavaliers coach Sepp Blatter just let Mozgov played nine minutes. You know, just before Mo Zi Hao to take a 28 points and 10 boards.

Basketball saying "wisdom": cheap nba jerseys china who in the world was the center! However, the 2015 Finals draw a conclusion: This sentence officially come to an end. Yes, times really have changed!

Basketball development trend of the times generally Houqiao Dan are: center forwards era era → → small forward / swing era → guard era. 2015 cheap nba jerseys from china Finals that two substitutions may be iconic. D'Antoni in Phoenix with Steve Nash when Zonda ball off vigorous whirlwind, it is also full of doubt, D'Antoni became a model against the tide. But the trend over the years towards the development of small ball has not changed - basketball, speed, rhythm has been accelerated. Inner cheap nba jerseys china strength flat Miami actually ran two championships.

Speaking of which I had tima stabbed. For a long time, the Spurs have been a sign of traditional basketball team, with a strong center / power forward for the core, stand half-court offense, defense-first, as far as possible to reduce the speed ...... But with china nba jerseys Duncan's growing old, Bobo Albion Father (prophet ah) to unwittingly offensive philosophy has been to subvert the past, playing a fast-break! Once the game's most ugly and recognized ratings poison Spurs, now race to fill the gap, pleasing, fast speed, high scores, are among the best in the league, and in 2014, deftly ran the prime of Miami, to board top. However, it still seems unwilling to acknowledge the times nba jerseys from china change.

Until this year's finals! See in recent weeks about the NBA change it. Pelican Cole decided to appoint an assistant coach head coach Alvin Gentry. When the coach announced the lifting of Pelican Monta - Williams is not worried that the new coach cheap authentic nba jerseys from china candidates, because the team has the hottest super center Davis, even V stable for many years, refused repeatedly invited the small Van Gundy to interview. Van Gundy had to guide the super center Patrick Ewing, Yao Ming's successful experience and impressive record, had led into the final, called the marshal - what a suitable candidate. In contrast, much less Gentry achievements. But wait a nba jerseys wholesale minute, Gentry would run and gun!

Whether you believe it or not, there is no ready, are not also get out nba wholesale jerseys of the memories, but times really changed, starting today.

During the finals, as ESPN sideline reporter I can closely watch the Knight's every move. Essentially, LeBron will pause during authentic nba jerseys wholesale the game that he called himself make substitutions to adjust. If he does not like the coach's decision, he would open toward Blatter roar. LeBron often and Lu to be together, and He did not wait to see Blatter.

Section III Finals fifth, and once I saw the Cavaliers bench behind Blatter in developing Houlebulang good Tactics kept shaking his head, and you can imagine with the loudest cheap nba jerseys wholesale voice to refute Blatter.

Such behavior forced Blatter had to wipe tactics board in front of the team, re-development of other tactics.

I know that LeBron did not participate in the recruitment of Blatter, but he will in such a less than ideal environment to coexist with him, but wholesale nba basketball jerseys James is such a historical superstar acts still impressed me.