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After four plainclothes police officers charged with credit card fraud of black women, the Brooklyn mother bought Barneys $ 2,500 designer bags - incite anger against a new round of high-end shops.
Kyra Phillips, 21 years old, students from celine handbags price Canarsie care, told the Daily News she
Long coveted orange suede bag Céline. With the return of cash infusion from the tax, she took her bank debit card US, and went to Madison Avenue. February 28 flagship stores.
Phillips would later without incident, but said she was surrounded by police, only three blocks away, on Lexington Avenue. And the 59th Street subway station.

"There are three men and a woman," she recalls. "Both of them attack celine bag prices me, pushed me to the wall, the other two appeared in front of me, blocking the turnstile."

Police began biting her questions, and asked to see her ID.

"They were very rough," Phillips, who made $ 5 million in celine price claims notification and the city she intends to sue the New York City Police Department said. "They kept asking me what I bought, and say, 'show us your card." I do not know what happened. "
Phillips's lawyer Karim Vessup said that the New York City Police Department celine purse price and Barnes additional civil rights lawsuit pending.

17:00 confrontation is very similar to the police and the 19-year-old Trayon Christians, who this week accused of racial discrimination suit analyze the conflict between him and the Barneys New York Police Department. Christian, who is black, alleged he then entered by the undercover police in the street and fraud charges, he used his debit card to buy $ 349 Ferragamo belt Barnes April 29.

Young Queens man was handcuffed and taken to the 19th branch celine boston bag price stationhouse, but was released with no charges, his discrimination lawsuit said.

Christian and Phillips are surprised at how quickly they swarmed the police. Barnes told a EXEC Phillips mother, Wen Di Aili, the store employees do not call the police to her.

Ellis told the news a security guard told her that the store has law enforcement patrol the store - part of the New York City Police Department fraud task force. An insider confirmed that police undercover, because it is repeated complaints price of celine bag of fraud store regularly.
Police said there were 53 complaints of credit card fraud usurp state power on Madison Avenue. Storage and more than 47 people were arrested. The racial breakdown of the suspects were not immediately available.

New York City Police Department officials would not say whether there is a special working group to work at Barneys or other luxury goods retailers.

Ellie lashed Barnes, a business call stored hypocritical celine handbag prices amazing and Jay Z, black hip-hop superstar singer, and for black consumers.

"This is not fair... Who have had experience of these two people to listen to Jay Z and Beyonce, who wore designer clothes. The children also liked beautiful things, they are very therapeutic," Ellis said.

Jay ž - in Oslo, Norway, in the Magna Carta of his trip - worked with major designers as Balenciaga, producing clothes and jewelry Barnes, we will continue to sell Exclusive row November 20 luxury goods ranging from cotton Barneys T shirt $ 70 to price of a celine bag Shawn Carter the Hublot watch with black crocodile leather strap, will retail for an eye-popping $ 33,900.
Jay-Z's portion of the profits will go to his business to give financial assistance to students from poor foundation - people like Phillips and Christian, who are all working the way through college. Telephone and e-mail Jay-Z's publicist were not returned Wednesday.

Barnes said in a statement a spokesman, upscale shops celine bag price 2015 carefully reviewed the Christian event.

"Obviously, to participate in the pursuit of any action other than the sale of individual employees than without Barneys of New York.... We're sorry, we store any customer have this experience," the statement read.

This did not translate in social media from luxury shops, vowed never stop shop customers.

帕特里夏加 Sterling, who is responsible for the city's price of celine bags Human Rights Commission, said the allegations are outrageous 2013.
"If it is true... (It) is suspected in the 1940s, when the same racism, my father, the US Army major who served three wars as a pilot, try to buy a car, was arrested because a black man should not be 5,000 yuan in cash, "she said. "If Mr. Christian came to the Human Rights Commission, we will vigorously prosecuted this case."

Like Christianity, ATM cards used by Phillips, let her buy.price for celine bag Including taxes, pocketbook Phillips $ 2,504, according to the message get a receipt.

"I was looking for a wallet in color for a long time, it is always out of stock, said:" The young mother, who is pregnant with her second child.

Phillips then opened a bank account with Bank of America, Home Depot and recent work. She did not use her name a temporary ATM card.

Mail her official ATM card just arrived - fortunately, celine bag prices 2015 she had used her as a plainclothes police arrested her. Female detective, who is white, said Phillips, demanding to know where she lived and what she was doing in Manhattan.
"They kept asking me how could afford such expensive bags, why do I have to pay the card as it has no name on it," Phillips said.

They also questioned her Chanel bag, she was carrying,celine bag online price she said. She showed them a letter from Bank of America, said she did not activate her no official license.

Detective her card and began to bend it, Phillips said.

"If you are a victim of identity theft if someone tries to use your hard-earned money, you will not want our investigation?" She allegedly told Phillips, frightened after the customer asked why they stopped her.

Phillips, his brother is a New York City Police officers, detectives know enough to ask for their names and badge, she said.
Barneys New York that there is no unacceptable customer price celine bags experience should be described in a recent media report, we offer our most sincere regret and apology.

Following yesterday we declare that we want to strengthen the Barneys New York will not tolerate any form of discrimination. We are a strong supporter of equal rights and equal treatment of all people.celine bags buy Our mission is to ensure that all customers receive the best quality service, no exceptions.

To this end, we are working on our practices and procedures to be celine bag where to buy thoroughly examined, as they relate to these issues to ensure that they reflect our continued commitment to fairness and equality. Leading this review, we reserve the civil rights expert, Michael burned, who also served in the United States Commission on Civil Rights. The committee has been a country of more than 50 years of civil rights where to buy celine bag online watchdog. Mr. Coffee will provide unrestricted access to all aspects of our store operations.

In addition, Barneys New York has reached the community leaders to begin a dialogue on this important issue.

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